Prosperity, the co-pilot on our journey

As a company, we want to go far and, above all, we don’t want to do it alone. At Cabify, we’re aware of the power of technology to improve the day-to-day lives of the societies that surround us. And we harness that power for their benefit.

2030 Agenda

Which Sustainable Development Goals does the Prosperity pillar address?

The way we are

More transparency makes us stronger

As in any relationship, communication is key. That’s why we take care of our stakeholders, asking them what we can improve on and evolving in accordance with the most relevant issues for our environment.

Embracing change

A dynamic and flexible business model

Our pace is set by cities, places which are constantly evolving. That’s why we’ve learned to adapt, to identify points of improvement and opportunities that will take us (and those around us) much further. And we proved that sustainability and business can go hand in hand, becoming the first company in the sector to achieve operating profit in 2019.

Progress and transformation

Technology that contributes, innovation that adds up

It’s no secret that technology has changed our lives. It is present in our day-to-day personal and work life. But can we use technology to go one step further and generate a real and positive impact on society as a whole? At Cabify we believe we can, and we rely on innovation to achieve it.

More than just a simple trip

Mobility that transforms realities

In our cities, getting around is much more than just moving from A to B. Our decisions have an impact on society and we want ours to be positive. We are certain that, through mobility, we can make our cities grow, become more inclusive, safer, and healthier.

Want to know more about the other pillars of our Sustainable Business Strategy?

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