Moving towards a more responsible future. We’re carbon neutral.

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What does ‘CARBON NEUTRAL’ mean?

It means we offset our carbon footprint (CO₂) in order to combat global warming

  • Any activity that increases the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere contributes to global warming. To combat this, we collaborate with environmental projects that take out of the atmosphere the same amount of CO₂ that our offices and services put into it.

Reducing your carbon footprint

3.0 kg CO₂

Your washing machine‘s carbon footprint when it uses hot water. Better use cold!

4.0 kg CO₂

The footprint of just from one beef burger. Anyone fancy a salad?

2,3 T CO₂

Owning a car has a high environmental cost. But there is an alternative...

0 kg CO₂

When you ride with Cabify…. we offset your carbon footprint!

What are we doing?

We take our environmental impact very seriously

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    Measuring our impact

    We work with one of the world’s leading carbon offsetting providers to measure the environmental impact of both our offices and our journeys each year.

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    Reducing our emission

    We’re making our offices greener, increasing the amount of electric vehicles in our fleet and developing sustainable mobility options such as MOVO.

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    We offset the CO₂

    In 2018 we offset the 114 thousand tons of CO₂ generated by our journeys. And we’ll keep offsetting our carbon footprint year-on-year.

We protect the amazon rainforest

We collaborate with a project that protects over 5.3 million trees in the Amazon rainforest

The Madre de Dios project employs local communities to prevent deforestation in a zone where illegal logging is rife. In this way, every journey you take with Cabify goes towards protecting the rainforest and conserving its biodiversity.

Initiatives in which we participate

More objectives, greater impact

Becoming an app that’s 100% carbon neutral is one of the many steps we are taking to ensure that we’re having a positive impact in our cities. Furthermore, we’ve aligned our company with the UN’s sustainable development objectives.

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Choose a responsible ride

Go with the first mobility app in Europe and Latin America to be carbon neutral