Ethics always on your ride. Get to know our principles.

As a company, we’re committed to achieving greater sustainability in our communities, creating safer places, and building valuable relations between drivers, riders, employees and the cities where we operate. To make this possible, all our activity is based on these principles, and we want to share them with you.

Cabify’s principles

  • Good faith

    We act with the reasonable belief of not causing harm to others.

  • Honesty

    We always think and act according to truth, reason, and honesty.

  • Integrity

    We base our decisions on values and ethical principles.

  • Prudence

    We always act with caution and care.

  • Transparency

    We present the facts, never hiding nor manipulating anything.

  • Respect and tolerance

    We work with respect and we never discriminate against anyone.

  • Safety

    We avoid any action which may pose a threat to our health and safety or to that of others.

  • Community

    We’re respectful with the city and our surroundings, and we work to build a community.

What we expect if you collaborate with us

  • Everyone is welcome, and deserves to be treated with respect.

  • Inappropriate language, abusive gestures and harassment have no place on board.

  • Proper use of the vehicle and additional services is essential.

  • Making mistakes is not a bad thing; hiding them and not correcting them is.

  • Inappropriate questions, controversial topics and comments that cause discomfort are best left off the ride.

  • Prudence and temperance are the best travel companions.

  • At the wheel, always use your head, be respectful and take care.

These are our principles. And we would love them to be yours, too.