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More than 50,000 businesses already travel with us.


Establish when and how you want your employees to travel.


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Automate travel management with an easy to use control centre.


Follow any journey in real-time.


Use one single app to ride in more than 90 cities worldwide.


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We adapt to you.

A ride to the airport or to a meeting, to work or back home, for employees, clients or candidates… at Cabify we know that businesses travel for many different reasons. Get in touch with us and we’ll offer you a transport solution adapted for your needs, whatever your business model.

Your business, your rules.

Apply company policy to company transport. Through our simple interface, decide how and when your employees will use Cabify. You can establish limits by day, hour, zone, price and vehicle category. What’s more, you can see the reason for each ride made, and set up alerts that will advise you when you’re reaching your spend limit.


This is what our clients say about us:

“Without a doubt, I'd recommend Cabify to any company that wants to look after the people it works with”.

Sandra Díaz,


Director of Human Value. WOM

“Highly recommended, both for the level of information the platform generates and the quality of the cars and service”.

Arturo Opazo,


Chief Audit Executive. ICETEL

"I would recommend it without a shadow of a doubt. It's a very good service and has brought us advantages at a corporate level”.

Pablo Carvajal,


Head of Human Resources. BBDO

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