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Get your employees where they need to be with just one click and manage your invoicing and expenses easily.

Adapted to your needs

  • Business trips

    Arrive at the destination airport or station and we will pick you up on time to get you to your meeting.

  • Payment flexibility

    Share a payment method with your entire team or establish one per user. Decide if you want to pay after each journey or at the end of the month.

  • Quality and safety

    A practical and safe way to travel, which guarantees the well-being of your team and efficiency for your business.

  • Punctuality assured

    Always arrive on time for those superimportant meetings by reserving your trips in advance.


Management and control

Set your own rules, defining limits and restrictions on use. Manage all users easily on a single platform. Create cost centers to distribute your budget and control daily expenses.

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Flexible payment and invoicing

Pay after each ride or at the end of the month. Set a shared payment method for your entire team or an individual method per user. Download all invoices from your account and divide the trips with travel tags to see where your money is going.

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Corporate services

Discover our exclusive services for companies

Everything a company needs to manage its mobility in an agile and secure way. These services will allow you to make hourly reservations, create your own discount codes, manage the mobility of your events, and much more!

  • Corporate transport

  • Mobility for events

  • Shipping & Logistics

Cabify Logistics

Our priority: your last mile

We plan, store, and distribute your company logistics to guarantee the success of your last mile shipments.

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Connect your systems and automate all processes with the Cabify API for companies

Synchronize your systems with the Cabify API for companies and enjoy having your HR and finance management processes automated and digitized. Our API also offers the option of having Cabify integrated into any other platform or app.

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  • Carbon neutral rides

    We offset the carbon of all trips so that your company moves more sustainably with Cabify.

  • Environmental plans

    We work with projects that take care of the environment and local communities in the countries in which we operate.

  • Reducing emissions

    We reduce the CO2 emissions generated by our service while working to achieve our goal of becoming 100% electric by 2030.

  • Carbon neutral certification

    We will provide your company with an official certificate to prove that the carbon footprint of your corporate transport carried out by Cabify has been offset.

Taking care of your team

The safety of traveling in good hands

We have the safety measures that your company deserves. Geolocated trips, an app prepared for any emergency during the trip, 24/7 attention, and much more. With Cabify, comfort and safety go hand in hand.

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What our customers say about us

A personalized service


Can I request a trip or make reservations for someone else?

At Cabify, you can request a trip on the spot or a make a reservation for yourself, for another user on the corporate account or for a client or guest. If the trip is for a guest, you can indicate the passenger’s details so that they have a better experience.

How is the price of a trip calculated?

Before ordering a trip, we show you the estimated price of it. The price is calculated taking into account: the price per kilometer (we calculate the fastest route), the price per minute (we calculate the total duration of the trip), the service fee and additional fees (such as high demand, tolls and intermediate stops).

How do I pay for my company's trips?

When you create a corporate account, you need to indicate a payment method, in which the trips made by your team will be charged. You can pay either after each trip or at the end of the month, as well as share the payment method with other users so they can travel by paying with it.

How does Cabify take care of the passengers safety?

Your team’s safety is our priority. Therefore, all trips are geolocated and the drivers are selected and identified. Passengers have additional safety-related resources, such as sharing the trip with a trusted person, the safety button, and the trip rating function.

How do I receive my company's trips invoices?

With Cabify for Business, you will say goodbye to paper receipts and complex reimbursement processes. We gather all receipts and invoices in one place, 100% online. You can check each receipt and filter them by date, as well as review and download the detailed invoices in different formats or send them by email.

How can I keep track of my company's expenses?

Download custom expense reports for a monthly comparison. This way you will know what each department or group is spending and what your team’s favorite destinations are. Set spending limits per user, department, project or client, or trigger alerts to ensure you stick to your budget.

Cabify for Business

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