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  • Control expenses

    Follow your company’s transport spending with intelligent reports, and establish use limits.

  • Download invoices

    Receive a unified bill and see your company’s entire journey.

  • Book journeys for clients

    Order an immediate journey or make a reservation for your guests, without them needing an account.


  • Work trips

    Arrive at the airport or train station and we’ll pick you up and take you to your meeting.

  • Flexible payment

    Share a payment method will your whole team or establish one per user. Choose whether to pay after each journey or at the end of the month.

  • Quality and safety

    A safe and practical way to get around that guarantees the wellbeing of your team and the efficiency of your business.

  • Punctuality assured

    Always arrive on time to important meetings, reserving in advance.

  • Management and control

    Set your own rules, defining limits and restrictions on use. Manage all users easily and on a single platform. Create charge codes to distribute your budget and control day-to-day expenses.

    • Import users
    • Charge codes
    • Journey limit
    • Expenditure charts
    • User permissions
    • Restrictions on use
  • Superior service

    Book a ride whenever and wherever you want, whether it's for you, your team or your clients. Choose from various categories in cities across Spain and Latin America to travel quietly and comfortably, thanks to our high quality standards.

    • Immediate orders
    • Reservations
    • Journey tracking
    • Journeys for third parties
    • Comfortable vehicles
    • Verified drivers
  • Flexible payment and billing

    Pay easily after each journey or at the end of the month. Define a shared payment method for your entire team or set up an individual method per user. Download all bills from your account and sort rides with journey tags to see what you're spending on.

    • Receipts
    • Invoices
    • Reports
    • Classified spending

It means we offset our carbon footprint (CO₂) in order to combat global warming

We're carbon neutral
  • Any activity that increases the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere contributes to global warming. To combat this, we collaborate with environmental projects that take out of the atmosphere the same amount of CO₂ that our offices and services put into it.

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Cabify Business API - Connect your systems and automate all processes

Our API offers a way to synchronize your ERP (SAP, Oracle, Netsuite or any other) with your Cabify account. Have your users and projects always in sync with Cabify

Preguntas frecuentes

  • At Cabify you can order or reserve a ride for yourself, for another corporate account user or for a customer or guest. If the journey is for a guest, you can give us the passenger's details so that they have a smoother experience.

  • Before ordering, we show you the estimated price of your journey. The price is calculated taking into account: the price per kilometer (we calculate the fastest route), the price per minute (we calculate the total duration of the journey), the service fee and additional fees (such as high demand, tolls and intermediate stops).

  • When you create a corporate account, you need to indicate a payment method, in which your team will be charged for journeys made. You can pay after each journey or at the end of the month. You can also share the payment method with other users so they can travel paying with it.

  • The safety of your team is our priority. That is why all journeys are geolocated and drivers are selected and identified. Passengers have various features related to safety, such as sharing the journey with a trusted contact, the SOS button and the journey rating.

  • With Cabify Empresas you can say goodbye to paper receipts and complex reimbursement processes. We gather all receipts and invoices in one place, 100% online. You can check receipts for each journey and filter them by date, as well as review and download detailed invoices in different formats or send them by email.

  • Download customized expense reports to make a month-to-month comparison. This way you will know what each department or group is spending and what your team's favorite destinations are. Set spending limits by users, departments, projects or clients, or activate alerts to stay within budget.

Count on us

Our team is at your company's disposal. If you have any further questions about our service, please consult our Help Center or contact us through your account.

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