Cabify, ever more accessible. For the right to move freely and independently.

We’re driven by one belief. That everyone has the right to get around the city freely. That's why we’re constantly thinking about how to improve the accessibility of our app and service.

Accessibility Menu

Our accessibility menu is designed to make it easy for everyone to get around with Cabify. To set it up, simply open the app’s main menu (by clicking on the icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen), click on “My account” and select “Accessibility during the ride”. It shows the options, which can be activated and deactivated by clicking on the checkboxes next to each of them:

Everyone on board

App accessibility upgrades

Optimised for VoiceOver and Talkback

Our app is optimised for Android and iOS screen readers to recognise the elements displayed on screen. This means that people with visual impairments can use our service thanks to the audible descriptions of the texts on the screen.

Voice control with iOS

The app can be operated using voice commands thanks to the Voice Control functionality available in iOS 14.

Homogeneous visual design

Designed for those with visual impairment, we have reviewed the various controls within the application so that they all have a more homogeneous visual appearance and the colour contrasts are better suited to them.

Use of plain language

We simplified the texts that appear in the app so that older people or those with cognitive impairments can use Cabify in a simple and intuitive way.

User manual for iOS and Android app

Not sure how to use the app? You can download Cabify’s accessible user manual for iOS and Android in .doc format below.

Accessible user manual for iOS and Android

Adapting our service

In order for everyone to be able to get around independently with Cabify, it's important to go beyond the app. This is why we also tailor our service so that older people or those with sensory-movement differences and diversity can travel comfortably with us. This is how we make it happen!

Drivers, key players

Cabify drivers are given advice on how to make our service 100% accessible and safe for those with sensory-movement differences and diversity and older people. By offering to help with pick-up, during the journey and at the drop-off point, they help us to ensure that everyone can get around freely with us.

Thinking about those behind the wheel

We also take drivers into account. If a person with a hearing impairment is behind the wheel on your next trip, we will notify you via the app so that you are aware of this before you step into the vehicle and can communicate with each other via the chat function.

Everyone on board

Accessibility beyond travel

To extend accessibility beyond our application and service and make our cities more inclusive, we collaborate with experts in the field.

This is what is feels like to have accessible options

Putting the theory into practice

This is what is feels like to have accessible options

For Marisol, at the age of 69 getting around Madrid can be a tricky task. Luckily, having more accessible options available such as Cabify makes her life a little easier. Find out a little bit more about how and why we do what we do: working for an increasingly accessible service for everyone.

This is how we understand sustainable mobility at Cabify: safe, accessible and diverse.

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