Your safety is our priority. A Cabify commitment.

In Cabify we have a clear priority: the safety of the thousands of riders and drivers that move with us in more than 90 cities.

High quality standards. Before, during and after the journey.

  • Your driver is professional

    We have the most rigorous registration process in the market. We validate the identity of all drivers and the quality of their vehicles. And of course, we make sure they’re adept at using our app.

  • Know your driver

    Before each journey you’ll see the name, number plate and photograph of your assigned driver. You’ll also be able to contact him/her should you need to.

  • Share the journey in real-time

    Each journey is tracked via GPS and as well as having all the information before the journey, you can share your trip with friends and family so they know where you are.

  • Quality vehicles

    All Cabify vehicles have passed our quality filters, assuring you a unique, safe and personalized experience in all our categories.

  • Your opinion counts

    Drivers and riders leave ratings after each journey and we take every one into account in order to take the necessary measures. This helps us offer a service which we believe to be unparalleled.

  • Available for you

    ou can contact our customer service with any questions or problems you might have. In the case of an emergency, our team is available to respond 24/7.

Protection and hygiene measures

Discover how we reinforce safety on board so that you can ride as relaxed as always.

  • Safely to your destination

    Drivers count with kits of individual protection with masks, gloves and disinfectant gel. And we’re installing protective screens in the vehicles.

  • Safe in every journey

    We work to offer PPE and screens to as many drivers as possible. We also reinforce cleaning protocols, promoting the use of disinfectants in contact areas and vehicle ventilation.


Safe corporate mobility

We’re putting you and your team on the right track. And now, safer than ever. Discover our initiatives for your company to get around with control, savings and security.

A community full of stories

  • I always use Cabify because it gives me total freedom, especially at night. I usually share my journey with my friends while I’m on my way home, it makes me feel safer.

    MaríaRider in Brazil
  • I chose Cabify because I think it’s the safest rideshare platform in Brazil for both passengers.

    Benedito dos SantosRider in Brazil
  • Cabify pays its drivers more and, most importantly, it’s also safer than any other rideshare application.

    Lucía HernándezRider in Colombia
  • I chose to drive with Cabify because of the safety measures between journeys and its customers.

    Luis Alberto Hernandez SanchezRider in Mexico


  • For us, your safety is the most important thing. Each journey is tracked in real time and you can share this information, as well as the vehicle type, driver details and registration plate. Our drivers have each been through a careful selection process and training program.

  • We take our responsibility to protect your personal details extremely seriously. But you can also play your part to keep your account safe. That’s why we have recommendations to protect your account.

  • Our payment system is extremely safe. We use the same payment gateway as leading companies such as Vodafone, Mango and KLM. Don’t worry, your security is extremely important to us. If you have any doubts about the payment process, we will be happy to respond to your concerns.

  • The safety button allows you to access your all your safety features instantly during a journey. You’ll add a ‘Trusted Contact’ to receive updates on your journey, share your journey progress and contact the local emergency services.

  • Upon acceptance of a passenger’s request, it is possible to view their information, preferences, messages, and journey details.

  • You can call the support team via the app by following a few simple steps. We will help you out if you have a serious issue providing a service, if you find yourself in a danger, if you have an accident, or you suspect fraud.

  • We strongly advise washing your vehicle of a daily basis. In addition, we recommend disinfecting the most common touchpoints (door handles, seatbelts, seats, etc.) after each journey.

We’re with you

If you want to know more about how Cabify works or if you have any questions or incidents relating to your journey, please visit our Help Center where you will find answers to over 100 FAQs.

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