Cabify for everyone

We want cities to be inclusive, accessible and safe places. This is why we continue working to close the gender gap in the technology and mobility sectors.

Cabify for everyone


On the road towards gender equality

Women currently make up 46% of our office teams and 22% of our leadership positions. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved but we still have a long way to go. Read on to discover our initiatives.

  • Equality Plans

    We work to ensure that everyone working with us has access to the same opportunities.

  • Diversity and Equality Committees

    We encourage the recruitment of women in STEAM fields, as well as their promotion and representation in leadership positions.

  • Global Compact: Target Gender Equality

    Using this program, we have established women’s representation and female leadership goals throughout the organization.

  • Gender Parity Initiative

    Through this initiative, we fight against the gender gap in labor participation, remuneration and leadership in Colombia.

Women working in Cabify

Women will drive our future

We aim for female drivers to make up 15% of our driving collaborators across all markets within the next 3 years. Women in the mobility sector are a minority group but we're determined to transform this, and we want to help more women put themselves in the driving seat. Here are some of our initiatives that work towards this goal.

Become a driver
  • La Caixa's Incorpora Program

    We encourage the social and labor integration of female drivers who are actively looking for work in Spain.

  • Female Drivers with IBD Invest

    Together with the Inter-American Development Bank, we analyzed the profile of female drivers, mainly in Mexico, to locate initiatives that boost their participation and work-life balance in our sector.

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Together we are capable of transforming mobility